Long time since my last post, got lazy apparently, so I'll do a quick update about the SRW-S1 part of this project (which is actually the easiest part, kind of).

So, now that the quick release hub is installed on the G27, I "just" need an adapter plate for the F1 rim.

I cut a simple piece of wood which can be placed on the back of the srw-s1, and sit between the paddles. 01_-_QR_adapter_plate_for_the_srw-s1.jpg

I've drilled 6 holes on it, but only 3 of them go through the srw-s1.
You have to be careful here to get the the wheel, adapter plate and quick release aligned!

You may also noticed two little things on this picture :
This wheel has 2 set of paddles: big analog ones which can be use for the clutch, and a smaller digital set for the shifter.
These paddles can be switched with each other with little modifications, so I decided to use the bigger ones as shifter (especially since I'll have no use of the analog paddles).

The second thing is the small hole in the center of the wood plate.
I'll use it later for the USB cable. I don't want any flying cable around the wheel, so the idea here is to get this cable go through the wheel shaft down to the back of the g27.
That will be the next post subject ;)

02_-_ZQrxsql.jpg Here is how it look from the other side.
As you can see, only 3 bolts go through the wheel because of the lack of space.

Fitting test: 05_-_SRW-S1_fitting_test.jpg Seems good!

The SRW-S1 has not been made with FFB in mind, and the handle may not survive long to this kind of structural constraint.
I've read that using epoxy glue can help to fortify the fixation points of the handles, I hope this will be enough. 09_-_gTaTtjR.jpg

One issue I have now, is the 3 dials takes a lot more space than I expected, and doesn't fit anymore in the case with the 2 bolts behind them...
So for now, I got them removed until I find a workaround about this.

Anyway, I can reassemble everything, and try this baby :) 15_-_srw-s1_on_G27.jpg


Remain the USB connection to take care about, but I saved it for next time :)

That's all for today!