Previously, in Part I: The idea here was to mount a F1 wheel (SRW-S1 from SteelSeries) on the G27 with a quick release system, to be able to easily switch between the stock rim and the new one. All that trying to keep the cost low enough.

So, now that i have the quick release hub and the adapter plate from Ignition-Controls, i can see what i can do. I was not sure if the adapter plate was enough by itself to fit on the g27 and the quick release, but luckily, it was. No need of the base plate. G27QR_test_fit_front I removed the inside part of the QR in order to pull some cables for buttons or other stuff later.

G27QR_test_fit_side The QR will sit on bolts head for better holding, but I'll need to add some spacers if i want to do that correctly (right now, there is a little play between the plate and the QR).

I can now mount any standard wheel to the G27 base, except, the g27 one is not one of them. So, If I want to mount it, I'll need another adapter plate.
Two solutions here: either buy another plate like the one I use for the wheel base, or made my own.
I choose the second option to keep the cost low, and since I already had a spare plywood plate laying around.

I used the QR plate as template, and make a copy of it. G27QR_adapter_plate_front

Does it fit? G27QR_adapter_plate_front_mounted All good!

Buttons cables will go through the center hole, and be connected to the original PCB. G27QR_adapter_plate_back_mounted Except, connecting them by hand every time will be a pain in the ass, and kind of defeat the purpose of the quick release :p
I'll have to find a better way to handle the connection between the wheel (any wheel actually) and the G27 base (We'll see that on a next part).

Forget about buttons for now, let's try this first! G27QR_test_fit_2_front Looks good!

G27QR_test_fit_2_side I used spacers on the base plate this time, and there is no noticeable play anymore. Solid and sturdy.

Only one thing: The shifter paddles are a little bit far away from the wheel now, and even with my big hands, it's not easy to reach them. But I'll take care of that later.

Now that the G27 rim part is almost complete, it's time to work on the F1 wheel, cause, you know, that was the primary goal after all ;)