Some times ago, i started to drive the McLarren MP4-12C on iRacing, and although the stock G27 rim is a good one, i wanted something more immersive, like F1 looking rim.

MP4-12C wheel

Since the G27 doesn't allow standard rim changing like the Thrustmaster or Fanatec base wheel, i also needed to find a way to fix the new rim, but not in a permanent way since i still wanted to use the stock rim eventually.

After a few googling, i found this : http://simulaje.blogspot.com.es Simulaje QR

This is a really well made quick release system for the G27, and it can come with an adapter plate for the SteelSeries SRW-S1 (which is a really affordable F1 rim btw).
They also sells a few custom rims, with a lot of buttons, encoders, SLI display ... Most of them are replica of real car wheel like the HPD-ARX or the MP4-12C.

Unfortunately, this system is a little bit expensive (more than 200€ for the full QR system + the connector and adapter plate for the SRW-S1 + shipping)
That's almost the cost of a brand new G27 (and i still need to buy the F1 rim afterward).

So I've tried to find a cheaper way.
Since i know you can easily buy (or made) some g27 adapter plate for standard 6 holes steering wheel, you surely can use this plate for a standard quick release system instead.
Figured out you can find really cheap quick release hub on ebay (a little bit more than 10$, including shipping) like this one: slim quick release hub Took 2 of them.

Now, for the adapter plate, there is several sellers that offer this kind of product. Among them, ignitioncontrols have an add-on plate that fit this exact same quick release hub. ic_qr_plate.PNG

I guess this is supposed to work with the G27 Base Plate they also sell, but since it add another 49$ to the bill, I've choose to buy it alone and see if i can use it as it.

I now have everything to mount a QR hub on the G27 for less than 50$.
Except the QR hub is only compatible with standard steering wheel mount, which is not the case of the g27 wheel (nor the SRW-S1), so I'll have to craft my own adapter plate (See part II)